17-18 May 2017


Church of the Resurrection
119 East 74th Street

Free and open to the public.


Since 2008, Clarion Collegium Week has been the only program assembling music students of all ages as well as young professionals from all over the United States to learn about the art and techniques of Baroque music and historical performance. The program now offers two tiers of classes, the first for musicians of college age and older, and the second, parallel tier for gifted younger musicians from New York’s high schools and middle schools, with priority given to those from public schools.

In a week of immersion into 18th-century music, students participate in master classes—on string, wind and keyboard instruments, and voice—with some of the world’s foremost Early Music specialists. These programs are free and open to the public to familiarize and engage new audiences with the richness and brilliance of Baroque, Classical and Early Romantic music performed on period instruments.

Students and young professionals who are interested in learning more about Clarion Collegium Week’s master classes are invited to write to info@clarionsociety.org or call 212.580.5700 for reservations and times.

Clarion Masterclasses

17 May 2017

3-5pm Cello Class with Myron Lutzke
5.30-7.30pm Violin and Viola Class with Cynthia Roberts

18 May 2017

2-4pm Flute Class with Sandra Miller
4.30-6.30pm Voice Class with Rufus Müller