Monday, 6 November 2017
Church of St. Thomas More
65 East 89th Street
Seating Sections

Handel Royal Fireworks and Water Music

Clarion launches its 60th anniversary season with a celebratory performance of Handel’s thrilling Royal Fireworks and Water Music. With two of the most beloved orchestral works of the Baroque era, this concert will serve as a fanfare ushering in this milestone season.

The Water Music suite was written in 1717 for King George I’s royal cruise up the Thames from Whitehall to Chelsea and back, with music for the journey provided by a large orchestra on an accompanying barge. So pleased was the king that the concert on the river was repeated several times. Some 30 years later, in 1749, Handel composed Music for the Royal Fireworks, celebrating the end of the War of the Austrian Succession. The performance was not as grand as planned, as rain caused the spectacle to fizzle, and one wing of the performance pavilion caught fire. Nevertheless, the work became a favorite among audiences over the centuries that followed.


Pre-concert reception

There will be a Special Pre-Concert Reception celebrating the start of Clarion's 60th anniversary concert season. This reception, together with Orchestra Prime seating, is included in the $125 ticket for the concert. The reception will take place in the Rochester Room of the Church of St. Thomas More. It will go from 6.30pm until just before the concert begins at 8pm. Those who purchase the $125 ticket will automatically have their names on the entry list for the reception (no separate tickets are needed). Please join us before the concert!